Up to $400 Gift Card Promotion Terms

1.  Customers who are eligible for this promotion must have been matched with a real estate broker through ThePerfectAgentforME.com website and used this agent to close a real estate transaction.

2.  If you work with your ThePerfectAgentforME.com assigned real estate broker for 2 transactions (e.g. selling your home and buying another home), you can earn a $200 gift card on EACH transaction for a total of $400 in free Gift Cards.

3.  Let ThePerfectAgentforME.com know where you would like your Gift Cards and we’ll send them to you (or email if applicable) within 1 week of receiving a HUD-1 (closing statement form) which shows that you closed with the real estate broker matched to you by ThePerfecAgentforME.com, AND payment of applicable fees by the real estate broker to ThePerfectAgentforME.com.  And also verified proof that you shared to a recognized form of social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Etc.), that you used ThePerfectAgentforME.com to find the “Perfect” agent for your real estate transaction.  Contact ThePerfectAgentforME.com if you have questions about this requirement.  To remain eligible for this promotion, you must send or email to us your correct mailing address and email address after closing to: info@ThePerfectAgentforME.com  or mail to ThePerfectAgentforME.com 280 E. 1st. Ave. #546, Broomfield CO. 80038.

4.  This promotion is NOT available for homes bought or sold in the following states: AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, NJ, OK, OR, TN. These states do not allow us to provide any incentive to our clients.  However, we welcome you still to participate in the program, and receive all the other benefits that ThePerfectAgentforME.com provides.


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