Only the Best Realtors work with is like no other real estate brokerage. is a very specialized real estate brokerage with a mission to provide our clients with the absolute Perfect Agent for their unique real estate needs.  We match our clients to realtors who we feel would be Perfect for their real estate needs by a rigorous research and vetting process.  If you are chosen for one of these referrals by virtue of your experience, production, niche expertise, and customer service reviews, we provide these high-quality client referrals at no upfront cost.  You and one other agent will meet with each client referral and explain why you’re the best choice to help them buy or sell a home.  You pay a 25% referral commission only if you complete a transaction with the client referral.

Interested in being considered for our unique program at absolutely no cost? AGENT QUESTIONNAIRE

Make sure to explain in your application what you can offer a client that makes you unique. We need you to set yourself apart so we know which clients to send your way.

  • Do you know a city, neighborhood or area better than any other agent?
  • Do you speak a second or even third language?
  • Are you known as the local expert in a specialized niche?
  • Do you have experience in short sales or a certified distressed property expert?
  • Do you work well with a specific type of client?
  • Are you a top 5% producing agent in your area?

Most importantly, we want to know if you can provide profitable and friendly service to the referrals we send your way. After all, they deserve it.

Our clients are looking for the Perfect Agent for their needs

When we get a new client referral in our system, we call them to verify their info and chat a little more about their specific needs.  We then begin our rigorous process of research to find the Perfect Agent for their needs.  We narrow our search down to 2 agents that we think will be Perfect for them.  We also make sure they understand how the process works and that they’ll be contacted by 2 separate agents competing to be the one and only Perfect Agent for their needs.

From there, we pass the referral on to you and one other qualified agent. Now you get to do what you do best. We ask that you treat our referrals like you would one of your best clients. And because our referral clients are qualified and verified, we think you’ll find referrals from to be worthy of that attention.

What’s Next?

If you are a top agent, you’re going to love  Since we only make money when you make money, we only pass along referrals that we think will result in a deal.

Remember, is free. We only ask that you treat our referrals with the urgency and attention they deserve. If you have questions, email  If you’re ready to get started, AGENT QUESTIONNAIRE