How It Works

What is is a totally free service for home buyers and sellers whereby we match you with the 2 best Realtors in your local area based on your real estate needs and agent preferences.  Then you choose which agent you like the best and would like to work with.  You won’t pay a penny to use our service, and our expert real estate consultants get right to work finding the Perfect Agents just for you!

Why use

You’ll save a ton of time, hassle, frustration and money.  Don’t just randomly choose an agent and hope it works out, let the experienced real estate consultants at do the work for you and match you with the Perfect Agent with the niche expertise to help you with your real estate needs.

The decision to buy or sell a home is one of the most financially significant decisions you can make in your lifetime.  A top pro agent that is Perfect for your particular needs can mean the difference between a successful quick sale at your best price or a stagnant listing that never sells.  And in finding your dream home that’s just right for you, or losing out in this competitive hot market.

How do you decide which agent to match me with?

After fully understanding your real estate needs and agent preferences, we use several methods to find your Perfect Agent, including:  Utilizing our national Realtor™  data subscription for agent sales performance/client reviews, conversations with the local board of Realtors™ as well as the top employing brokers in your local area to explore agent niche expertise, identifying 5 or 6 good candidates, and finally conducting personal interviews with each, to narrow the field down to the 2 top Perfect Agents based on your needs and preferences.  Then you’ll choose your favorite from these 2 agents and real estate success awaits!

What happens after I complete the EZ Realtor Preference Form?

You’ll receive a quick call from us to verify your info and fully understand your real estate needs and agent preferences.  After this short chat, we’ll get to work conducting our research and interviewing the best agents in your local area that we feel would be a great fit for your needs and preferences.  Then the exciting part, we narrow it down to the 2 agents we think will be Perfect for you!

We’ll give you a professional introduction to your agents via email.  Finally, you decide which of these 2 agents you like the best and would most like to work with, and real estate success awaits!  We’ll follow up with you to make sure you connect and are thrilled with your Perfect Agent.

How do I get my FREE $200 Gift Card?

Just let us know where you want your $200 gift card(s), and after you close your real estate deal, we’ll send it right out to you.  In fact, if you list your home and purchase a new one with your Perfect Agent, you are eligible to receive $400 in free gift cards!

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